Why We're Not Doing Black Friday

Black Friday - a 'day' (or more like a month now!) of heavily discounted items, traditionally in celebration of the day after Thanksgiving, known for its frenzied media coverage. It's spiralled over the past few years from being a day celebrated in the masses in the US, to a worldwide month of discounts. So I'm sure you're wondering, are Smart Skin going to be offering anything?

Unfortunately, this tradition just isn’t for us. We pride ourselves on being a sustainable business. Sustainability entails not buying in mass, stockpiling or buying things you don't need. We want people to buy and love Smart Skin products, using them until they're all gone and recycling the packaging. We fear that by offering reduced or 'buy one get one free' etc items on this day, that we'll be adding to unnecessary waste, with items being left unused or discarded. There's also the emissions of extra deliveries to think about in the equation, as well as extra production and packaging use. Each year, the sales start earlier and get bigger - encouraging more and more purchases.

We are still a business, and we are all learning. Our belief is that we don't need to add to the madness and so are going to quietly bow out of this one. We're forever grateful for each and every purchase and constantly working towards being the best we can be. Sustainability is a journey for us all, and it's about progress not perfection.

As a little nod to the day, but in our own more sustainable way, we've decided to run a giveaway over on our Instagram whereby you can nominate someone you believe deserves to win the full Collection as well as nab one for yourself. Head over to find out more.


Lots of love, the Smart Skin team xo