Trying Veganuary? Here's what to look out for in Skincare!

So, you're trying Veganuary and you'd like it to reflect in your skincare too? Here's nine non Vegan ingredients to watch out for when purchasing new products.
1. Shellac - it's a resin created using lac bugs. Often found in nail varnish.
2. Lanolin - this is the grease found in sheep's coats. It's conditioning and therefore found in lip balms as well as hair and nail products! 
3. Honey - well known to be from bees, but a sneaky ingredient in some products!
4. Squalene - shark's liver oil. Beneficial in skincare as it's super moisturising, but there's always a vegan alternative!
5. Beeswax - nabbed from honeycomb and used in balms and cleansers etc.
6. Ambergris - unbelievably, this is whale sick!  It's used to make the scent in perfume last longer.
7. Carmine - a red colourant made from cochineal bugs. Often in make up and lip products.
8. Guanine - derivative from fish scales and used in shampoos etc to give a shimmery finish.
9. Gelatine - another well known one, often used to give products a jelly like texture.
What's your favourite vegan beauty product? 
The Smart Skin team x