The Story of Smart Skin

Here we’ve collated the entire story of Smart Skin from seed to serum.

Smart Skin came about when Niomi spotted a need for more sustainable skincare at an affordable price without compromise on formulas. From the very beginning, the heart of the brand has been focused on quality without compromise for both the consumer and the environment. Originally an idea of Niomi’s on a rainy day, we’re now live and shipping product daily. 

Ingredients have always been at the forefront of Smart Skin’s ethos. You can’t create a skincare brand without careful consideration of every single ingredient! Of course, Niomi is well known for being plant based and living a more sustainable lifestyle, so it went without saying that Smart Skin would follow suit. Each ingredient is researched thoroughly to look at its environmental impact, quality and of course, benefits to the skin. We’ve chosen some fabulous natural ingredients such as blueberries, chia and avocado – all with their individual benefits.

We’re also pioneering new science and amazingly beneficial ingredients such as Superox C – known for boosting collagen and protecting skin against pollution, so be sure we’re at the forefront of the market and doing constant new research!

After months of research and development, the brand was born! Smart Skin came to life after months of trial and error, with Niomi testing every product from start to finish. Working closely with the pharmacists on board, we developed four products and a super soft bamboo washcloth that we were proud to go live with! Next up was the packaging design..

 Inspired by the tiles of Lisbon, Niomi wanted to include her love of colour and pattern in Smart Skin’s packaging. Each box has its own bespoke print and is created from FSC Certified paper and is 100% recyclable. Niomi chose aluminium for the tubes as its widely recycled – did you know that 75% of all aluminium produced is still in circulation today? We’re working our way to 100% as we speak! Smart Skin is also fully vegan and cruelty free, naturally! We’re also recognised as a COSMOS brand. 

It was decided early on that Smart Skin would be inspired by you, the customer! We’ve always wanted to create a brand that empowers everyone and creates confidence in your own skin. We believed from day one that everyone is beautiful and inspiring in their own way. With this in mind, we decided to put out a call for our Smart Skin Muses once we had the final product. Later finding seven amazing women with their own struggles, achievements and stories to create our first campaign shoot. The day went amazingly despite some challenges – nothing out of the ordinary with a big shoot! We all had such a lovely day getting to know each other and bonding over our histories and a wonderful plant based spread from Berry and Brie. We always knew we’d use people from all walks of life, with or without ‘modelling’ experience and it paid off! The images are fantastic.

 There’s so much more to come in the future, new things are already in the pipeline and things are buzzing behind the scenes. We can’t wait to be able to share more!


We really hope you love the products as much as we do. We’d love to see your pictures, so be sure to tag us @mysmartskin and use the hashtag #mysmartskin!


The Smart Skin team x