Sustainable Wrapping Ideas

Christmas can be a wasteful time. With excessive gifting, eating and of course - wrapping! We can all do our bit in order to decrease our output over the festive season so here are our creative, sustainable wrapping ideas!
  1. Wrap using your gifts! We love the idea of wrapping a Smart Skin product using our Bamboo Washcloth. Not only is it super creative and good for the environment but it looks so lovely under the tree. We’ve simply tied it together with some jute string and popped a little sprig of flowers through it.
  1. Stick to Kraft paper. Kraft paper is a great way of looking chic and on trend, without all the glitter and plastic that’s usually on festive papers. You can use some jute string to tie them up, or even some old ribbon you have at home!
  1. Use reusable wrap! Inspired by Japanese tradition of furoshiki fabric wraps. Buying reusable bags and ‘paper’ made of fabric is a great idea. Not only can the big sheets be tied into nifty little bags for fruit and veg (or even a handbag!) but they’re great to keep for years to come.
  1. Use biodegradable tape. Plastic tape is so wasteful, but these alternatives are great!
  1. Check out your local charity shops. Silk scarves, tea towels, broaches - you name it, you’ll find it and they all make perfect wrapping accessories! 
  1. Use newspaper! If you’re feeling crafty, old newspaper stamped with something festive and tied with some pieces of ribbon look amazing! Not only is it recycling paper, but it’ll stand out amongst the other gifts under the tree.
Let us know how you’re wrapping gifts this year!
The Smart Skin team x