Smart Skin Muses - who we are!

So, as you know, Smart Skin is driven by you and with that, we wanted to use genuine people with real stories for our first campaign. We decided to find some Smart Skin Muses by putting a call out for anyone with an interesting story to tell and boy, did we have some amazing entries! After the extremely difficult task of narrowing them down, we ended up with our seven Muses. We decided upon the idea of a muse as a way of relating Smart Skin to every day people, not just those with perfect skin, perfect stories and perfect lives!
Without further ado, meet the Smart Skin Muses;
Nyome - “Me speaking up, will change uncomfortable situations so others don’t have to face what I have, because I have made that change”
Simone and Sherrie - “Keep going and follow your dreams. Research and find resources”
Kitti - “I hope my inner soul makes me beautiful to other people”
Jordan - “Surround yourself with people who give you the energy you go on. You will attract likeminded people who support and push you up”
Francisca - “I am inspired by people like Patricia Bright and Grace Beverley who started a business at University. If they can do it, I can do it too”
Bella - “Beauty to me, is genuinely embracing what you are as a person. It’s being confident of what you’ve been given, what’s inside and exuding that. It’s more than physical. It is how you act with other people, help other people and showing you truly care about other people at the same time. That’s beauty.”