Golden Jelly Cleanser: Product Spotlight

A reliable cleanser! Something we all dream of. Well look no further. 

Our Golden Jelly Cleanser is formulated with natural Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil and Orange Fruit Water. It's a purifying cleansing balm, gentle enough to be used on the sensitive eye area whilst helping to melt any make up off at the end of the day. Its gel-like texture will melt down into a nourishing oil to cut through dirt and deeply cleanse the skin. Grape Seed Oil reduces sebum and unclogs pores, revealing glowing and revitalised skin. The dream if you ask us.

 Golden Jelly cleanser can be used both morning and night, and is suitable for all skin types. Make up off, pyjamas on.

What's your favourite way to wind down after taking your make up off? 

The Smart Skin team x