Bamboo Wash Cloths: Product Spotlight

We can all aid the fight towards a more sustainable way of life - simple changes like using a reusable cloth is a great small change to make. Our 100% bamboo organic face cloths make a perfect partner for our cleansers and exfoliators. They are baby-soft and also suitable for sensitive skin, whilst being perfectly sized at 25x25cm.

A few quick bamboo(-zling) facts for you:

  • Produced in China - the home of bamboo Tendertouch Bamboo Cloths are unbelievably gentle, natural, and are 100% bamboo fibre - a very natural, versatile and sustainable crop that requires the absolute minimum of chemical processing. These cloths are suitable for use on the most sensitive and delicate skin.

  • At the end of their lives, our Bamboo Cloths will biodegrade and decompose in an organically friendly manner. Bamboo requires little to no pesticide during production (unlike cotton) - so not only are these cloths supremely gentle they also have a minimal impact on the environment.

  • If you have dry, sensitive or allergey-prone skin, we recommend bamboo cloths instead of cotton muslins. They're softer and less abrasive, Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool - a more soft and luxurious feel.

So there you are, a super soft way to help reduce cotton usage.

 The Smart Skin team x